Candidate Attraction Solution | How does it work?

The exact method will depend on the role and what has already been undertaken in terms of candidate attraction.  Typically, I would combine online advertising with a direct approach and promotion amongst my established network. I would also run current and historical searches through the various CV databases.

If for instance, you were looking to hire an HR Manager and wanted me to create a candidate pool for the position, then I would approach in the following way:

Creating Interest

  • Briefing call to understand scope of the role
  • Create engaging advert copy
  • Post advert via online job boards
  • Promote advert through social networks – LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc
  • Direct approach via LinkedIn
  • CV Database Search

Response Management

  • Interested parties are provided with a vacancy briefing pack containing all of the important details.
  • Those wishing to proceed are advised of the process and that we will submit their details for direct review.
  • Once permission for submission is granted, candidates are then added to a shared Dropbox, from where you can add them into your process as you see fit.
  • Candidate experience is an important factor and so I will also feedback to those unsuccessful if necessary.


  • The above is a typical approach, however, there is total flexibility as to where I can focus my time. If for instance you have already run a direct advertising campaign and want to make sure you have the best possible shortlist, then I could simply focus my time on direct approach and promotion to my established network.
  • The idea behind this solution is to give cost-effective support to your assignment and so the focus is on creating a relevant candidate pool, as opposed to candidate assessment and management through the process. If, however, you want me to do more with the candidates i.e. candidate briefing and shortlisting then this can be accommodated.

If you are looking for someone to manage the whole assignment, then please see my full life-cycle solutions.


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