How can I help you with your job search?

Looking for a job is hard work and I’m sure at some point that you have experienced wasted time and a degree of false hope.  A lot of this can be contributed to the way the recruitment industry is structured.  The contingency recruitment model is not ideal for anyone in the process, with candidates often getting a pretty poor deal.  As you will see, I operate on an exclusive basis helping companies maximise their recruitment processes.

On this basis I do things in a different manner.

I do not have a candidate database and so will not look to register your details in the way that traditional recruiters will do so. I don’t want to waste your time putting you through a process and then not be working on a vacancy suitable for you.

I will however work with any candidate that needs support free of charge.  I can support in areas such as CV review, interview preparation and the option to complete a video introduction. This ultimately gives you as a  candidate an increased competitive advantage, as when your application is brought to life through video, I have found this dramatically increases the chances of securing a relevant face to face interview. It is particularly useful for early career or instances where there is a high volume of interest in a role.

I will then send out an update to my network to see if anyone is looking for someone of your experience.  I do not share your personal details or video until I have your approval.  This is not a fee-earning activity, rather my contribution to helping people find new opportunities.

I have added a guide to help you maximise your use of LinkedIn, as well as one for Early Career – HR (most of it relevant for all sectors)  and a link to book a call with me.  As mentioned earlier, I can’t promise to be working on something relevant for you, however, I do understand that sharing different approaches/Ideas is useful and so I am always happy to do so.

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