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How can I help you?

If you are looking to recruit into your business, then there is a strong chance that I can help you.  I have worked across many sectors and industries and I am equally comfortable operating at entry to director level.  If your assignment falls outside of my capability, then I work closely with a number of other specialist recruiters and I am always happy to refer you to someone better suited to manage your assignment successfully. Most of the time we would join forces and let you benefit from a recruiting dream team!

How do I do it?

As a growing business, I understand that when making increases to your headcount, the number one priority is to find the best possible candidates in the most time and cost-effective manner possible. This is what I do!

My model works best with organisations that do not have the requirement for an in-house strategic recruitment function or where specialist support is required for a specific assignment.  I fill that gap on an assignment by assignment basis.

I manage the full recruitment lifecycle, from writing engaging advert copy, through to creating a well-rounded shortlist and managing the offer/rejection process.  I will manage your assignment from start to finish, meaning that you can focus your time on your own workload, whilst I use my experience to source and engage with relevant candidates for your position.

I can arrange branded online advertising and will share the advertising cost with you, or for confidential assignments I can use non-branded advertising along with my direct approach efforts.  For early career/volume assignments I am also able to incorporate video interviewing to save time for both the candidates and hiring managers involved in the process.


The days of recruitment agencies dining out on the size of their database are over. The emergence of platforms such as LinkedIn, mean that identifying potential candidates has never been easier, however the real skill of recruitment remains the same and that is the ability to attract and engage candidates to your position. This is what takes the time and ultimately what you pay me for!

My process brings together advertising, direct contact, social media and networking.

Through a combination of established relationships, networking and referral I will endeavour to create a well-rounded long list, rather than simply forwarding on the results from an advert response.

Although I support my search efforts with carefully selected online advertising, my focus and the real way that I add value, is supplying candidates that your own direct methods do not reach.  I work hard to ensure that every candidate we submit will have a positive impact on your overall recruitment assignment.


The second stage of the recruitment process is to ensure that interested parties are managed fairly and efficiently and that those candidates who are appropriate for shortlisting are managed speedily and with all consideration to ensure that their initial interest is turned into desire to progress to interview stage.

My clients do not use me to simply push CVs their way.  I am an integral and vital part of the selection process.  I am experienced in competency-based interviewing meaning that anybody who is shortlisted will have demonstrated the attitudes and behaviours to fill your position successfully.

At the completion of the selection process, I will provide you with a refined shortlist of the most suitable candidates based on our assessment of their skills and experience in line with the criteria set by you, and our understanding of the culture and dynamics of your organisation.

Completion – securing your favoured candidate

I will be on hand to make a verbal offer to the candidate.  My advice will be critical in formulating offers at the right salary level and making sure that the right candidate is appointed. This phase of the process should not be underestimated and will help protect you against counter offer and/or turn down. I will then remain in close contact with the candidate throughout their notice period.

Once the candidate starts, I will remain in contact with both candidate and yourself to be on hand to resolve any problems arising at an early stage.  Candidates are very vulnerable in the early weeks of a new position and once again this part of the process is critical to ensure that a small misunderstanding does not become a major problem.