New Customers

Throughout this site, I have highlighted the benefits of moving away from the traditional multi-agency contingency model.  I hope I have managed to show, that by adopting a shared risk approach there is plenty of scope to improve candidate experience as well as more favourable terms for both Recruiter and Recruiting Company.

I am however a realist and understand that to go from a completely new relationship to a retained model, can look like a giant leap if you have not worked with me before.

I am therefore flexible to work with new customers on a non-retained basis, with the aim of moving our long term relationship to the optimum recruitment relationship as I have detailed earlier.

Exclusive Arrangement
I handle the full life cycle
Non Exclusive
Other suppliers involved, including in-house search.

If you think that we may be a good match, then please feel free to book a call.  Ultimately I want to work with people that want to work with me.  I’m not interested in trying to sell you anything, rather have an open conversation to see whether we can work together for mutual benefit.

Want to call Paul?