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Resourcing Support | Where might this work?


This can be incorporated into your process in a number of ways. You may want to handle the shortlist and offer process yourself, or you may have undertaken an initial search and want to supplement this with external support whilst ensuring all candidates go through the same interview/offer process.


I will work alongside you to help create the best possible candidate pool for your vacancy. I will use a combination of networking and direct approach to compliment your own resourcing efforts. This will also include social media promotion and targeted approach on LinkedIn.


I am flexible in my approach to ensure I compliment your own efforts in the most effective way possible.


All interested parties will be presented in a shared dropbox, from which you can add into your process as you see fit. This is a cost-effective solution which allows you to combine your advertising with a direct approach. You maintain control of the selection/interview process which ensures each candidate is handled in the same manner, which helps to maintain a smooth candidate journey.


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