Coaching Session (30 mins): Supercharge your Job Search



Coaching Session (30 mins): Supercharge your Job Search

The purpose of this service is to show you how you can utilise the power of LinkedIn to supercharge your job search strategy. Whether you are a regular user or completely new to LinkedIn, this service will show you how to significantly increase your impact. I will show you how to create a professional LinkedIn profile and how you can maximise your reach with minimal time investment.


The aim of the consultation is to help you build and interact with a targeted LinkedIn network. Once you have started to build your network, I will show you a number of strategies to utilise the power of this network to support your job search activities. Looking for a new job can be hard work, however, the content covered in this service will allow you to significantly increase your coverage through the creation of a more effective profile.


Once you have completed your order, you will be able to download the Guide and then follow the link in the confirmation email, to book a convenient time to work through the information.


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