The Process

I have a simple view on business.  I want to get paid for the work that I do and I want you to only pay for the work that I do for you.  In order to achieve this, we need to share the risk within a fair and transparent fee structure. My approach won’t be for everyone, however if you lack time or available recruitment resource internally, then it will offer great value to you.  This could be to compliment you own efforts, benefit from a different approach and network or indeed I can manage the whole process on your behalf.

Recruitment in my opinion is easily broken down into 2 sets of activities.  Firstly we have to Create Interest in the opportunity and then we have to Assess and Convert this interest.  I can help with whatever part of this that causes you pain. In general though, it tends to be in one of these ways.

Option 1
Invoiced on instruction

Where might this work?

This can be incorporated into your process in a number of ways.  You may want to handle the shortlist and offer process yourself, or you may have undertaken an initial search and want to supplement this with external support whilst ensuring all candidates go through the same interview/offer process.

Candidate Attraction
Candidate Attraction
I work with you to create a well-rounded candidate pool. I will use a combination of or all of the methods below.
  • Create engaging advert copy
  • Promoting on Social Media - Share with our social channels/networks including boost on Facebook
  • Advert response from major job board promotion (Branded Adverts on request)
  • Proactive Search - One session of targeted direct approach
  • CV Database Search
Option 2 - Full Life-Cycle Solutions